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10 garden flowers most attractive to house hunters

01 May 2015
RLP State

10 garden flowers most attractive to house hunters.

Flowers that can sell your property:

10) Sunflowers

Bright and cheerful sunflowers is the tenth most likely garden flower to cement a house sale.

9) Hydrangea

Hydrangea's billowing blossoms come in at number nine.

8) Geraniums

One of Britain's most popular perennials, geraniums takes eighth place.

7) Jasmine

At number seven, its fragrant jasmine.

6) Lilies

One of the most magnificent garden bulbs, it's no surprise that lilies tend to impress potential house hunters.

5) Sweet peas

These colourful plants are easy to grow, and a have a lovely scent.

4) Tulips

There are few plants more cheering than a tulip, which may be why house hunters are drawn to them.

3) Fuchsia

At number three is fuchsia, a pretty shrub with unusually-shaped flowers.

2) Lavender

Beautifully scented Lavender, which thrives in sunny gardens, is the second most popular plant.

1) Roses

And in first place? Its roses, everyone loves seeing roses in their garden...it triggers a loving feeling!