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Clear, Color...sell.

06 July 2015
RLP State

If you're trying to sell your home, consider using feng shui. From clearing clutter to sprucing the entry way. Feng shui has been used to make homes more welcoming for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.

The easiest way to shift your home energy is using Feng Shui color. It is important to select a good Feng Shui color for home design that helps create harmonious and relaxing living space. Each Feng Shui color has meanings, adds symbolism and beautiful decorative accents to home interiors. Feng Shui home design zones and symbolic elements

South – Fire – red, orange and pink;

South-East – Wood – green;

North – Water- blue and black;

South-West and North-East – Earth – brown, beige and yellow;

West and North-West – Metal – white, golden, silver

Yellow tones to Feng Shui home design

Yellow is the Feng Shui color of Intellect. The third man’s state, the solar state, is yellow. Yellow is the Feng Shui color of wisdom, clear mind and tolerance. No wonder the rulers of China preferred yellow and golden symbols.

Yellow color design is especially recommended to Feng Shui kitchen, dining room and home office, since yellow room paint and furnishings help with work and decision making. Yellow color design is not recommended for bedroom interior decorating.

Brown in Feng Shui design

Comfortable brown is the Feng Shui color of Earth. Brown shades are the Chinese symbol of reliability, usability and consistency. Feng Shui home design experts do not use brown tones excessively. Dark brown is not good for wall painting, but it is perfect for furniture, curtains or carpets, especially to Feng Shui the bedroom or living room interiors, creating comfortable, warm and cozy decor.

Yang and yin

Cool Feng Shui colors include various shades of blue, green and purple. These are yang colors that symbolize rest, peace, relaxation and tranquility. In classic Feng Shui warm or cold color design corresponds to different zones and energy, yin or yang energy. For example, kitchens and living rooms belong to the yin group of home interiors. Feng Shui home design experts recommend to use warm color design for rooms in the yin group, and to choose yang colors, (selecting light shades of cool Feng Shui colors,) for bathroom, office and bedroom color design.

Metallic colors

Metallic colors, white, gold and silver interior decorating objects or design details symbolize Entrepreneurship and Versatility, according to Feng Shui masters. You can use metallic color to design more spacious room, adding interesting, bright and light interior decorating accents.


White is the Feng Shui color of Purity. The seventh state, the crown state, is white. Europeans call all transparent objects white, but in the East white color design is not colorless.

White brings a special meaning, energy and power of Purity interior decorating style.

White is the symbol of freshness and renewal.