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Don't bite me!

15 July 2015
RLP State

Let’s face it, the sound of a bug zapper can be annoying and that light is distracting! Its summer time and we all want to sit on our patios during these warm nights and enjoy the quite! Wind down after a long day...but wait who can relax with these bugs out here!? Here are some solutions for keeping your patios and porch a pest free zone!

Keep a box planter on your table with lemon balm, lavender, basil and rosemary...a natural remedy to keep mosquito’s away plus looks and smells great!

Haint Blue ceilings. The blue ceiling is a bit of a rural myth; the thought behind it was that bugs would get confused and think the porch ceiling was the sky. It was also said to ward off ghosts, and Sherwin-Williams' Haint Blue paint is named after the ghosts of the Afro-Caribbean legends. Whether it works or not, it's a charming antique touch to add to your porch and an interesting conversation starter.

Bird feeders. Much like bats, birds like to feast on bugs as well. Attract them to your yard by hanging several bird feeders.

Get rid of the still water. Make sure you don't have any standing water around your yard, be it a still pond, puddle, birdbath or that garbage can lid you forgot was there months ago. If you have a fountain or another source of water, make sure it's always moving. This will keep mosquito’s from breeding.

Citronella candles. Citronella oil is extracted from Cymbopogon nardus, a grass. The citronella scent is a natural way to repel the bugs. Buy several to put around the perimeter of your porch. Be sure to keep the wick trimmed and the candles covered when not in use.

A breeze. Keep the bugs away with the breeze provided by this stylish outdoor fan tower. Ceiling fans also can help with the problem.

Insect traps. This trap is the pretty, noiseless version of the bug zapper.