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Getting Your Home Ready for the Fall Real Estate Market

13 August 2015
RLP State

If you are considering putting your home on the market this fall, then now is the time to get it market ready! Soon the fog will clear, the vacation-ers will return and buyers will be in “back to school” mode and getting serious again about their home search. If you are a soon-to-be seller but are still on your own mental vacation, now is the time to get to work – and we are here to make it easy for you! Here are a few tips to putting your home’s best face forward:

Take a look outside, at your curb appeal, what does it say about you and your home? Clean up your gardens and walkways, tweak your landscaping by adding extra lighting to enhance your look.

Patch, prep, paint! Patch up your walls, fill in cracks and sand them smooth. Wash your walls and baseboards - a good scrub will clean the surface of finger prints etc. A fresh coat of paint is the least expensive and most effective improvement you can give your home. Paint colours, like clothes, go in and out of fashion.

If your home needs some fixing and freshening, don’t leave it for a buyer to deal with. Instead, address everything prior to putting that sign on your lawn – buyers are already overwhelmed by the process and frightened by the market. Don’t add to their stress by leaving problems unsolved. Most buyers today are picky and they’ll pass up your home for one that is seemingly problem free.

Examples of flaws to address are: cracked or inoperable windows, rusty fixtures, an over-grown garden, loose or broken hardware, old appliances, worn carpets or flooring, pest work, etc.