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Light up your home!

22 October 2015
RLP State

The right light can make any room look bigger, airier and more desirable. It can create a dramatic mood, draw attention to focal points in your décor and make a big difference in how you and potential buyers feel about your home.

Plus it’s a pretty inexpensive staging tool.  

Types of open house lighting:

General, lighting your home so you can function
Accent, highlighting and drawing special attention to details
Task, helping illuminate specific things around your home
Ambient, hiding the source of light to wash a room with a glow
Aesthetic, emphasizing space through artistic lighting
Natural, focusing through sunlight, candlelight and firelight
Lighting can play tricks on the mind and enhance or minimize the physical size of the room.

If a room is too tall, lighting placed low won’t reach the ceiling. It will make the area look smaller than it really is.

  • For any room, use recessed down-lights installed in ceilings with a dimmer control
  • In the bedrooms, add a floor lamp or table lamp and bedside lights
  • For the bathrooms, angle recessed lighting to bounce light off the walls and ceiling to help reduce glare and shadow
  • Use wall-mounted sconces or over-vanity lights beside the mirror
  • Light your shower’s interior with uniform brightness
  • In the kitchen, focus on task lighting, like grouping down-lights to shed light where it’s needed most