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Think like a buyer!

08 December 2015
RLP State

When it comes to putting your home on the market you need to think like your potential home buyer!

Before the sign goes on the lawn and the photos are taken to showcase your home...take a look around, what do you see?  Do you see out-dated trends that have come and gone, an emty room or a room you use as storage?  How can a potential home buyer see beyond that?

You need to freshen up your home, think like a buyer or the buyer you want to attract.  It may not be your personal taste and that is ok because showcasing your home to look it's best pays off in the end with some fresh paint and elbow grease!

Home buyers have short attention spans, you are lucky if you have 20 seconds to make a lasting impression from curbside to the master bedroom.  Take a look at this before and after and look at the major difference and how it makes you feel when you compare the dated to the new space!  Show your home buyer the potential your home has!