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Elements of a cozy home!

29 December 2015
RLP State

This time of year, as the weather changes especially from day to day, our homes begin to change, too. Our bedding is replaced with warmer blankets. The the fireplace comes on. Slippers or thick socks become a household necessity and we spend more time indoors. But above all, we strive to be….cozy. Cozy isn’t a look, it’s a feeling; a feeling of warmth and comfort and there are several ways that you can create this feeling in your home!

The most obvious way of being comfortable in your own home is to surround yourself with people you love and enjoy spending time with. That aside, it’s also important to only buy items that you truly love and have a connection with.

Heavier weight textures in soft materials are a great addition to making a space feel cozy. Woven baskets, wood accents, and even chunky cable knit pillows help to add texture and create a sense of coziness.  Physically surrounding yourself with something cozy can instantly change the way you feel. A great throw that is easily accessible so that you can curl up on the sofa with a good book or a movie is a must! Cashmere feels luxurious, but the price is often a deterrent to purchase. Other cozy options include faux fur or a soft plush, like Minky. A great throw is cozy when wrapped around you, but also helps to add texture to the space even when not in use.

Having the right lighting is key year-round, but it is especially important if you want to create a cozy feeling in your home. Turn off the overhead lights and instead use table lamps, task lighting, or even floor lamps. The light from these types of lamps help to create shadows in a room, which adds texture and a sense of warmth. Candles to hot chocolate it's cold outside stay in and stay warm!