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Do you make resolutions for your home?

30 December 2015
RLP State

Do you make resolutions for your home?

I firmly believe in setting goals and making resolutions for both ourselves, our family and of course, our homes. Some of these goals may be big and some as small as organizing a certain closet, with a budget of a few dollars or a major bill, I add each desired project to my list, prioritize and live the benefits as I achieve my goals throughout the year. 

New Year Resolutions for your home:

New Year resolutions aren't just about self-improvement. You can use them to get your house in shape, too!

First things first. Consider starting off the New Year by getting your valued systems and appliances covered by a home warranty. There are 365 days for something unexpected to go wrong or breakdown in your house; why not have a plan?

Change all  light bulbs to ones that are energy-efficient and inspect bathtubs and showers for mildewed or cracked caulk. Re-caulk as necessary.

Check smoke detectors and replace batteries if needed. (If you can't remember the last time you replaced the battery then it's probably neccessary). An extra precautionary would be to install carbon monoxide detectors on each floor of the house.

Ringing in a new year doesn't change who you are, unless you let it. It’s a marker in time, a point from which you can decide to make a change. A fresh year can bring fresh perspective and so many people use January 1st to make resolutions leave the old bad habits behind with the old year and step into the new year full of good intentions for a better you. New Year’s resolutions can be anything from bettering your health to changing your attitude. How about bettering your home!

You get used to your home a certain way and just don’t think to try new arrangements. Maybe you can improve the flow in your home, make it function better by doing a little bit of rearranging. Move the seating around, lay the rug in a different direction, change up the pictures on the walls even if you’re just swapping them between rooms. See if your kitchen countertops could use a little bit of rearranging so that you have more room for food prep. Get containers that hold your utensils so that they’re at hand for cooking and baking. See if the bedrooms work with beds in a different orientation. A bit of Feng Shui or just a bit of change may bring you sweeter dreams.

Wishing you the happiest of New Year, may all your dreams come true in 2016! ~Royal LePage State Realty