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The Holidays are coming!

22 November 2016
RLP State

If there's a chill in the air, that means the holidays are coming! Here's some clever hints and tips that will make your holiday decorating faster, easier and more fun! 

Instead of poking nails into aluminium soffits and fascia when you're hanging holiday lights, clip the wires to the bottom lip of the fascia with clothespins.

Test your lights before you go to the effort of stringing them on the tree. When the season is over, coil them into a 5-gal. pail to keep them tangle-free for next year.

To hang a wreath on a door without leaving an ugly nail hole drive a small screw into the top of the door, leaving the head protruding slightly. Tie a piece of fishing line to the screw, tie the other end to your wreath and then drive the screw in completely.

The wire hooks that come with Christmas tree ornaments can be hard to use and can scratch the ornaments. Instead of wire hangers, use plastic-coated paper clips to hang your ornaments. The paper clips are stronger and easy to use, and best of all, they won’t scratch the ornaments, so you can leave them attached when you pack the ornaments away at the end of each season.

Zip ties are a simple way to string holiday lights on banisters and fences without marring the railing with nail marks. Zip ties are sold at home centres. You'll find them in the electrical supplies aisle. After the holidays, snip the ties off with scissors.