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Too Hot for House Hunters?

17 July 2019
RLP State

Summer is peak season for home selling! But, also for barbecues, vacations, and long, lazy beach days. In other words, there are lots of things to distract even the most diligent would be buyers. And that’s not even counting those dog days when it’s too hot to even venture out to view homes.

Embrace 'rush hour' traffic

Long weekends out of town are the stuff summer dreams are made of. But they're also the reason many Saturday and Sunday afternoon open houses end up nearly empty. Choosing an alternative time frame may turn that around.

Turn your open house into a summer party

Let's face it: Heading to a barbecue or pool party sounds a whole lot more fun than an open house. If you can't beat 'em, why not join 'em?

In other words, put together a gathering that feels more like a celebration than a sales pitch. Try serving up refreshments outside like lemonade and iced tea on trays, or fire up the grill to serve summer-themed appetizers or sliders. Make the buyer feel excited and able to see themselves and their family enjoying their new home and backyard for next summer!

Timing can make a difference here, too: Rather than holding your soirée in the middle of the day, wait until the evening when the temperature's bearable and people are ready to venture out and kick back.

Shine a spotlight on the outdoor space

Nothing's more appealing on a scorching summer day than a backyard pool. Play up this feature and other outdoor amenities to convince buyers this is the warm weather oasis they deserve.

The long days of summer make for the perfect opportunity to highlight the exterior living spaces of the property,

Most importantly, 

Keep viewers cool!

There’s nothing worse than being stuck in sweltering heat. So, when you’re holding your showings, open houses &/or inspections on a hot day it’s a good idea to keep the air conditioner running at a cool but comfortable temperature. If you can’t control the temperature with an air conditioner, make sure your blinds are shut to help keep the hot air out. It’s a good idea to serve cold water to viewers too.