Blog agent alert!Welcome to our Stoney Creek office Diego Vizzari2019-10-18T12:32:00Zae41e8d0-29ab-490e-a4b7-57ef46e13a3a over colour!Advantages to selling in the Fall!2019-10-17T09:54:00Z29c4a183-0968-4333-87a5-3641ad6ef471 HOME!Make them feel like they are home...2019-10-17T09:48:00Z761757bb-cd31-42c0-a8d4-e43c92119798 in charge!You're IN Charge! Us!Join our team!2019-09-23T12:33:00Z044c848a-6dfb-41cb-9b35-ab1c2c95754e Agent!Welcome to our growing team of professionals in Hamilton, Jennifer Isaacs! 2019-09-05T10:53:00Zae411b60-89a1-4a72-a852-e5695e77ef3f to our Ancaster office Lindsey Atkinson! 2019-08-12T20:21:00Ze2e18ca8-14ba-4a86-8afd-1c6ee3375713 Hot for House Hunters?It's hot and here are some sizzling tips on selling in the Summer!2019-07-17T10:06:00Za7f4ba1a-c1e5-498b-a8db-d720cca4691b stats“Condominiums remain a popular option for first-time home buyers looking to enter the market,” said Joe Ferrante, Broker of Record, Royal LePage State Realty. “You can still get a good property for under $500,000 in the Hamilton area.”2019-07-11T01:29:00Z8cf60c2e-6e19-4e7f-9e61-2fa4bc2b1e61 up ... Buyers are coming....clean and they will come.2019-06-01T14:46:00Zbe15b6b9-af9f-4a94-b6e6-3f77e92732cc Agent!Welcome to our office!2019-05-28T12:33:00Z073d3c37-e167-42f3-ba10-ae24b74e1f0f Agent!Welcome to our office!2019-05-28T12:29:00Z6311edbd-e418-4b77-92c8-d49bbc204be7 agent!Welcome to our Hamilton office Hilda!2019-05-09T10:28:00Z91f588dc-880f-467a-90a7-0a8dbff75a00 this grey day into a pop of Spring!Adding colours to your Spring 2019!2019-05-01T10:22:00Z6a9c434b-a8e3-4475-b5db-c66cb1618ada youThank you to the City of Hamilton and Economic Department2019-03-25T01:12:00Z3a639d16-74b0-4503-8a37-cad275fdb865 recap.Thank you to our sponsors and our amazing agents.2019-03-25T01:07:00Za83c0ca6-acfa-4386-a141-065560737461 2019Agents, mark your calendars!2019-02-28T01:57:00Zc2278c1a-253f-407f-b984-6f2096a9a23e to our award winners.Congratulations to our award winners!2019-02-11T14:50:00Ze07a2a6f-3cf2-4245-a6c2-c28367d92363 to our office!New Hamilton Agent!2019-01-19T17:39:00Zad856247-9e74-4d7a-ab38-8889b5373b9d ProducersCongratulations Top Producers!2019-01-14T21:10:00Ze1279cae-16c5-4807-bacd-ff1443312391 housing stats are in!See our communities real estate stats from December 20182019-01-03T02:38:00Zc476649a-ffb5-422c-a2e4-2dd3adc1e2e0 Producers!Congratulations to our November 2018 Top Producers!2018-12-10T21:41:00Z244ab7b2-a3d0-4230-b606-cfed0c4faf39 to our team Julie!Welcome to our Ancaster office Julie Valevicius !2018-12-07T00:26:00Zb7f54d72-ba4b-4f07-a81d-c5d30fd246f5 to our team!Welcome to our Ancaster office Babar Muhammad!2018-12-03T23:18:00Z3ddc144a-18d1-4fd6-968f-dcc3f955fc6f to our Team!Welcome to our Ancaster office John R. Whitwell.2018-12-03T23:10:00Z05cba3da-b99e-458b-b6a7-205769250c8f home this winter.The winter season is most definitely here; which means sub-zero arctic-like temperatures, icy conditions, and a whole lot of snow. That’s why it’s time to start thinking about how to protect your home from any potential damage the frigid temperatures and snow may bring. Taking charge now, before it is too late, may help you avoid a home insurance claim later.2018-11-30T19:45:00Z433c024c-3fea-4850-b4cb-8a9e036dae2e holidays and your credit...Buying gifts is thoughtful but when it puts you in debt - is it worth it or the bad credit?2018-11-23T02:09:00Z04534da7-d6bc-468f-84bd-72f6d159e308 Home Tip:Keep those entry ways, walkways and sidewalks safe...2018-11-20T23:52:00Zb0a4cac8-0a5a-4f15-b197-542bb0c5678e Selling your home when it snows!Things to keep in mind when selling your home during the winter...especially when it snows!2018-11-16T16:31:00Z1192e9d4-44c3-4057-871c-a7f05b4f85d3 Top ProducersCongratulations!2018-11-14T20:45:00Zdf381828-f26e-41f5-a59a-160d9e85c3fc!The best place to be and the place to make memories!2018-11-14T00:18:00Z7a4fc83b-9215-4c28-aa3e-016f3057c3ea the right home.Where to live is important....2018-11-09T03:48:00Zc7fe36ef-7b6e-453a-9118-f2bfc96c2999 Real Estate ReportWhen the major areas within RAHB’s market are isolated, Hamilton, Burlington and Haldimand County all saw an increase in overall average sale price, while Niagara North experienced a decrease in overall average price. There was also an increase in average sale price for all property styles in each of the four RAHB market areas, except for Niagara North detached homes, Burlington townhouses and Hamilton apartment-style properties.2018-11-06T22:43:00Z32f1feb3-fdf5-49b9-b20e-2494ed25362d tock, it's that time of the year to Fall back!Clocks go back one hour starting at 2 a.m. Sunday, Nov. 4. When you get up Sunday morning, make sure to change your clocks and especially your smoke alarms.2018-11-02T16:05:00Z382afcf3-27c6-4dce-bbc0-c18f020141bc!Welcome to November2018-11-01T14:25:00Z184277d5-d3bd-45c3-a028-ac66bc66ba6f Start ... starts here!Realtor Career Night October 30th!2018-10-29T14:48:00Zf987380b-f701-4e9f-8992-423ef853e464 Career Night! October 30th 6:30 p.m.It's time for a change and a new start!2018-10-27T00:28:00Zad2e1756-e565-4970-b4b8-b73752df3091 Career, New YOU!Join us October 30th for our Career Night info session!2018-10-23T13:49:00Z7a36c76b-ffb7-41bc-bcaf-bed6da7c273a Career starts now!One week from today your new career, new start can happen!2018-10-22T14:27:00Zcfeea10d-ffad-4c15-adf6-451773859e20 show Hamilton house prices up 5.2%, rent up 14.2%Ferrante, with Royal LePage State Realty, says demand has picked up as the shock of new mortgage stress test rules wears off and Toronto and new immigrant buyers continue to look at Hamilton to buy.2018-10-19T17:28:00Z68067a91-9d52-4052-9572-b2646efee843 Night! Join us.Join us October 30th for Career night! New Career new start!2018-10-19T16:20:00Z44755edb-748f-4414-a86c-0e4aaca090f9 Career!Is it time for a new start in your career?2018-04-26T11:57:00Z18549dd2-0ca2-4413-aea8-80f5144d155b StrongWe stand together ...2018-04-24T13:35:00Z34e3eefd-255c-4864-9bdb-3e3b029f5aae TOP PRODUCERSCongratulations agents!2018-03-19T18:19:00Zd7a8dcff-87cc-42e9-980c-070197069b63 LivingHamilton will look at accepting anonymous tips and offering free inspections for tenants living in unsafe apartments2018-02-12T15:24:00Z9573f34e-5e88-4ad9-aa62-d5e66679e3b9 Top Producers 2017Congratulations 2018-01-15T14:49:00Z7aa4a69d-7b03-4d33-8ce4-b84fc901374a November Top Producers!Congratulations team!2017-12-08T15:34:00Z201557c7-6833-4f20-b3a8-bf03718b9d85 News!There's no wiping the smiles off our faces! 😊 We're honoured to be the #1 Office in West Hamilton! 2017-12-06T14:21:00Z8ff27467-a1bc-4370-9ab6-7baa9d3c0f1d StatsNovember market review:2017-12-06T14:19:00Zec73b072-3910-4151-837d-e95378646b71 come in...How does your foyer/entry way look coming into your home? Is the space well used?2017-11-13T21:28:00Z89d90124-9569-4f9f-9412-8b5e3f6ba1f7 come in...How does your entry / foyer look? Is the space well used?2017-11-13T21:22:00Z91ae52d2-6550-461a-8c63-bfd15b6b1097 Top Producers!Congratulations to our agents.2017-11-13T21:15:00Z152e3d21-10e0-4c52-b388-b65166c47c96 to our Top ProducersAugust was another great month for our agents.2017-09-11T13:54:00Z1b24b356-88b6-464f-9e4d-99153da5d4cb't bug me...Summer and those annoying bugs ...2017-07-21T14:14:00Z9272a111-7959-46e7-b865-2b4d3ba2538a Top Producers 2017!Way to go Agents!2017-07-21T14:08:00Z0071b6eb-54f4-4862-9455-eba58ada2192 2017 Real Estate Market April 2017 Showers Did Not Keep Buyers Away!2017-05-05T13:48:00Za8664120-6c54-452c-a41b-522617ec5e75 has sprung.Time to detox out Winter and welcome in warmer weather!2017-04-24T14:47:00Zc687852d-cf87-4361-b3d6-aab73afc1881 Top!Top producers for March!2017-04-07T23:07:00Zd6d9c55a-a1a3-4a68-aecb-3f5176510c61 has sprung!Open the windows and air out that Winter blah, it's time to add some colour to your home!2017-04-05T14:14:00Z84c15594-2ba2-4289-b5b2-87a840ba14de sweet home!Your homes first impression is very important.2017-04-02T21:51:00Zf4592bfb-600e-4873-8004-676c17616949 Top ProducersCongratulations.2017-03-27T22:50:00Z2d528f16-cac5-4885-8463-5e168e89a1b8 a small space.No matter if it's a pantry or a small laundry room, anything can be made over!2017-03-06T20:36:00Z3a8e306b-899a-4c5a-ac4e-c1663a31a9b3 your coffee table:We all love tips especially when it comes to home decorating...2017-02-27T22:18:00Z42ef5322-3eff-4aca-ba5e-5d8dff17ba20 AgentWelcome...2017-02-23T20:44:00Z86a8fa51-fc9b-422b-8c6e-ee882519e1c2 Producers!Congratulations!2017-02-16T21:27:00Zba3acd9a-9085-4688-8944-6cde6f7646e5 Chairman's Club WinnersCongratulations to all the 2016 National Chairman's Club Winners!! 2017-01-22T16:03:00Z7f3600d0-a958-4093-9cdf-839ca6c8d768 Top ProducersCongratulations!2017-01-12T21:34:00Za88d16ab-e5fb-48ab-90eb-5d6c8a8fe29e Top ProducersCongratulations to our agents.2016-12-29T14:11:00Z97acaf20-afcb-4fcd-82aa-8cd6916b74c7 guests are gone, but they left something...Tis the season for germs and presents...2016-12-29T14:05:00Z93febe60-a55a-4e49-a0d9-9749d38cc50e during the holidaysSanta is coming and so is a buyer! Here are some tips on selling during the holidays...2016-12-13T12:38:00Za4f8eecd-1463-4dca-8c5c-a1411a32a0df 2016 Top ProducersCongratulations to our Agents!2016-11-24T02:13:00Zebf0f137-29a5-4904-a81a-813b1fbb9437 Tip:Winter weather is here - make sure you are prepared for a showing!2016-11-24T02:06:00Zd955558b-792d-4807-a757-3d4d7a7cc736 Holidays are coming!There is a chill in the air...yes the holidays are coming and it's time to decorate your home...2016-11-22T15:36:00Zbf7a4a62-cb76-4330-95f1-7117da0e63ec Partner: Free Films at Tim Hortons FieldPresented by First Ontario Credit Union and the City of Hamilton. Come experience this unique opportunity to watch family films on the videoboard at Tim Hortons Field...2016-06-03T20:03:00Z166539d7-c1fa-4644-aae0-f2d3ce9588e2 your kitchen this Spring!With the changing of season from Winter into Spring we all want to brighten up our homes...2016-04-04T18:13:00Zd4d6235a-9a3c-47d6-88be-0cbe5218e303 Fling!A Spring Clean Up check list!2016-03-18T16:13:00Z983d6dda-b6a3-4582-8c08-ce3a1b146855 into your new home!Energizing color, crisp white borders...2016-03-08T23:49:00Z0c469f90-9577-48cc-8f82-2470acae91cb Chinese New Year!Do you want to bring happiness, good fortune and wellness into your life this year? Turn to the positive energies of feng shui as your guide. The ancient Chinese art of living in harmony with your environment can help spruce up your home and simultaneously create balance and joy.2016-02-09T20:45:00Zc24d4745-39f7-43b7-871a-c266d40fe459 with RLP and The Hamilton Bulldogs!Contest alert:2016-01-26T14:24:00Z560182b7-6e08-4659-aaad-ca9aa6faf172 Monday....The third Monday of January is the bluest day of the year...2016-01-18T15:20:00Z43110846-164a-4069-897e-18c35dadbc5b up your home and family!It's bitter cold outside, warm up your home and your family with this old fashion chicken noodle soup!2016-01-11T20:41:00Zd49509e8-0d0e-434e-ad36-818930320486 straight month for record sales for Hamilton area.Great news heading into 2016 for our real estate market. December was another record month!2016-01-11T13:14:00Za488a248-6639-4efa-bd5f-3a3bba24f21c you make resolutions for your home?New Year resolutions aren't just about self-improvement. You can use them to get your house in shape, too!2015-12-30T15:32:00Zd2b3f0b7-94f9-4813-941b-9e542d44b25b of a cozy home!Winter is here and it's going stay around for awhile! Cozy up and make any room warm and enjoyable!2015-12-29T14:45:00Z593cb140-5e14-46b5-98f7-1d9b6ccd202f to avoid during the holidays when selling your home.Selling your home over the holildays makes for a beautiful connection with the potential home buyer...but not when the smell is overwhelming! 2015-12-09T18:17:00Zb267d028-4165-42cd-b122-0a4337ac6aa4 like a buyer!When it comes to putting your home on the market you need to think like your potential home buyer!2015-12-08T15:26:00Zb0b33446-13f7-41b2-b2e4-62a50b0f8c07 dry is your home?Don't suffer in dryness. Here are a few tips for putting the moisture back into your home:2015-11-30T16:59:00Z92ff7528-e4ad-41ca-a161-3e6321a3ff3b for the Holidays.Once a prospective buyer comes inside, remember that you may have only 10 to 15 minutes to make a lasting impression.2015-11-10T14:50:00Z22b1e475-8b7a-4549-a727-84f5e012f3bc Immediate Release: Today, Royal LePage State Realty is proud to announce that a long established and trusted local brand, Ken Gies Real Estate Brokerage will be joining our team of Real Estate professionals effective immediately.2015-11-02T14:53:00Z1e3e7f0a-4695-48a2-b680-fc2b8bfba030 with Royal LePage State RealtyEnter to win our HOCKEY TEAM of the MONTH!2015-11-01T22:14:00Z9068cec1-8a05-4b17-96ad-ea1b80a8603f up your home!The right light can make any room look bigger, airier and more desirable. It can create a dramatic mood, draw attention to focal points in your décor and make a big difference in how you and potential buyers feel about your home.2015-10-22T01:52:00Z31fa141d-08c5-4a34-b2b9-82b99c8c5b05 to selling in the Fall.To sell or not to buy or not to buy?2015-10-12T21:49:00Z1b448f98-d4bb-414a-8c59-ece5a68007e5 for a great home!Stand out when your home is on the market! 2015-10-09T15:41:00Z6305c1c2-2611-477d-91cd-3cf7251922e3 monthly sales record set in SeptemberReal estate is hot in the Hamilton area!2015-10-09T15:26:00Z291375b8-fb74-4a6b-bd94-da8a8bb9a473 You to our Golf 2015 Tournament Sponsors Royal LePage State Realty would like to thank all of the 2015 golf tournament sponsors for their generosity! 2015-10-08T08:51:00Zf6e69b50-9079-42d2-ab96-82bd8bc1ccaa Your Home Ready for SaleHow is your first impression?2015-10-04T02:56:00Z6847403f-32b3-4219-9879-85acd353c0ca of season - change your batteries!Every home needs working smoke alarms to provide an early warning.2015-09-30T21:18:00Z4e6937b8-ae49-4a33-b14b-ebfd8a4b82c0 for the Kitchen: Wallpaper BacksplashDIY projects to enhance the beauty of every spot in your home!2015-09-21T18:15:00Z485f1ca1-6bdf-4c7f-8922-6d31d67ec3a3 RELEASEWe at STATE REALTY are thrilled to announce the launch of our new website for our Hamilton, Stoney Creek and Ancaster locations. The new website is interactive, mobile friendly and updated throughout the day with homes for sale in your community. Our easy to use mortgage calculator is accessible to help in your home search. From Buying to Selling and turning your house into your dream home stop by our new website and welcome home!2015-09-15T22:56:00Zf560a16b-59d5-411f-a40b-3e80b0cefd3e renovate or not?Will I get the return on my home renovations when I sell?...2015-09-10T13:32:00Z3a2b85eb-8530-403c-a48a-b39b5e194dc8 hip hooray it's almost that day!One more week then it's back to school time for many of our kids!2015-09-01T20:09:00Z6fae5cce-f334-4c50-8e82-4f2db05f66eb is your Foyer?Your entrance hall is the first opportunity buyers will have of seeing inside your house (after their first impressions of the outside) so it’s important to stage it right. The hallway needs to set the tone for the rest of the house in terms of colour, style and feeling. If buyers love your hallway they will want to continue onto the other rooms2015-08-21T13:45:00Z488b9fca-437a-4d3f-bf67-b327ef23bb17 Look for Remodeled BathroomsHow does your bathroom look? Dated? Dirty?2015-08-19T01:37:00Z56dc4a6c-1d73-4502-abe6-6043fb62d867 Your Home Ready for the Fall Real Estate MarketAre you thinking of selling this Fall? Is your home ready?2015-08-13T22:05:00Zd6aba500-ab7b-43cd-a12a-6048e49137c9 to clean grout.No one likes to clean grout, but when selling your home you must make sure every spot has been taken care of!2015-08-12T13:23:00Zf4fcd3f8-8d61-4db7-b2e8-31080ee4dc8f about ratesFirst-time homebuyers, or people that have limited knowledge about mortgages, are better off consulting a “live” mortgage broker that is close to your area. Someone you can “touch and feel” and most of all trust.2015-07-27T18:26:00Zb3ac2ade-71b4-4807-a6dd-72e539610bca't bite me!Let’s face it, the sound of a bug zapper can be annoying and that light is distracting! Its summer time and we all want to sit on our patios during these warm nights and enjoy the quite! Wind down after a long day...but wait who can relax with these bugs out here!? Here are some solutions for keeping your patios and porch a pest free zone!2015-07-15T01:13:00Z7a502179-4179-4368-887e-08fa8f4fc51e, Color...sell.If you're trying to sell your home, consider using feng shui. From clearing clutter to sprucing the entry way. Feng shui has been used to make homes more welcoming for hundreds, if not thousands, of years.2015-07-06T15:29:00Z5cab0d28-ce6f-4156-9225-3bbe4f638a07 Media Tips The beginning of the month is here which means it’s time for what worked and what didn’t work for business this month! Did you start a new facebook page in May? Have you maintained it? 2015-06-02T13:54:00Ze95fb909-0619-47d1-be6d-998263ef8784 HomeWhat is the first thing you notice when you drive past a home? The Front DOOR!!2015-05-19T11:15:00Zd0593caf-0414-4f70-b640-d74466541ab3 garden flowers most attractive to house huntersFlowers that can sell your property2015-05-01T11:07:00Z3bcfaf90-aa7b-4411-a259-6e26ebe7fe56 ReadCheck out this interesting article2015-01-12T17:23:00Ze416dc9e-f92c-4670-b3b6-7e6cfd635891 Producers for December 2014Congrats to all of the Top Producers for the month of December!2015-01-07T17:25:00Z